5 June 2017

Hi my readers!

This weak, I have created a google cuestionnaire about music, sports, and travelling. I hope you fill out the questionnaire and I encourage you to make one!


23 May 2017

Hi my readres!

This week I've been working with Calameo, an aplication used for magazines, presentations, graphics... And in this timeI have use it to do a picture dictionary for kids. More concretely a animal picture dictionary. But before starting searching and choosing pictures from internet, our teacher explain us the meaning of Creative Commons. Do you know what is that?

Creative Commons helps you legally share your knowledge and creativity to build a more equitable, accessible, and innovative world. We unlock the full potential of the internet to drive a new era of development, growth and productivity.

With a network of staff, board, and affiliates around the world, Creative Commons provides free, easy-to-use copyright licenses to make a simple and standardized way to give the public permission to share and use your creative work–on conditions of your choice.

So taking into account this aspect all the images I have used in the picture dictionary are CCo.
Here is an image which sows different types of creative commons.
Imagen relacionada

I hope this information will be usefull. 

Animal Picture Dictionary

12 May 2017

Hi my readers!

Today I'm going to show you the last figure I have done with  Iturrixki's blog . It is a little cute chicken.
I hope you like it!

8 May 2017

Good morning readers!

How did you start the week? I bring you another Tinkercard design. This time what I have done is: a house with a tree and a chimney. 

The novelty of this design is that the structure it is already made and you can modify the sizes, number of doors, windows, floors ... and add many other things like trees, garages etc.

It is easy so yo can do it!

5 May 2017

Good morning guys!

These weak I have done another figure with the help of the application that I mentioned you in the last blog. It's a swimming pool in a rural area. It has a grandstand to watch the competitions.

28 April 2017

Hi again!

Yesterday I have been doing a figure with the help of the aplication called TINKERCARD. Tinkercad is a simple browser-based 3D design and modeling tool that everyone can use. Is also the ideal companion to 3D printing: it allows you to design in a matter of minutes everything you can imagine. So I encourage you to use the aplication.

I hope It would be useful!

26 April 2017

Dreamy Designs shop online

Hello readers!

It has been a long time since the last publication. For the fact of the holy week and the time that I have taken to do this that I am going to present you today. I hope you had a good holiday and started with more strength what you are doing.

In these time I’ve been creating a false shop online with the help of the aplication “Google sites”. I use the word “false” because It isn’t a shop that I'm going to use it, I mean it's just to learn how to do this kind of things.

In this decoration shop, you can see different sections, situated in the navigation bar: shop online (furniture, frames, mirrors, vases, baskets...), photo galery, about us, our services, contact, FAQ and location.

Here are some pictures of the "shop", I hope you like it! :

15 January 2017

Funny Adverts

Hi guys!

This week I have discovered a new application called padlet. This application allows you to save and share different multimedia content without hassle with too many options. Can be used as a personal file or as in this case as a collaborative whiteboard. To understand better the application I have prepared a couple of funny ads with my friend Iturrixki's blog.

I hope you like it!

Hecho con Padlet

30 December 2016

What to read or watch at Christmas

Hello readers:

Christmas holidays are here !!! Is time to rest and recover forces to start well the New Year. In these dates we all have more time than usual to be with the family, to stay at home to read a good book, to lay on the sofa to watch a interesting movie… So today I’m going to recommend you three different hobbies to do in Christmas: A movie, a series and a book.
I hope you like it, and have a good holidays. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!



Resultado de imagen de stranger thingsStranger Things is an American science fiction series, created by Netflix and written and directed by the brothers Matt and Ross Duffer with Shawn Levi as executive producer.

If you didn’t know yet, Netflix is a U.S. commercial entertainment company that provides through flat monthly fee streaming, multimedia ( mainly films and TV series) under request by internet.
 The bad side of this is that you have to pay to see the series. But you can see it like me in this webpage:

This are the main characters of the series:Winona RyderDavid HarbourFinn WolfhardMillie Bobby BrownGaten MatarazzoCaleb McLaughlinNatalia DyerCharlie HeatonCara BuonoNoah SchnappJoe KeerySadie SinkDacre MontgomeryMatthew Modine.

The story start when a 12 year old child boy, called Will Byers disappears mysteriously, after spending the day playing with their friends to Dungeons & Dragons on 6 November 1983, in the city of Hawkins, Indiana. His mother, Joyce, searches for him while Police Chief Jim Hopper launches his own investigation. Will's friends Dustin, Mike, and Lucas discover a psychokinetic girl who claims to know Will's location. As they uncover the truth, a sinister government agency tries to cover it up, while a more insidious force lurks below the surface.

It is a very interesant series, it hooks you immediately. It has very good criticism by the specialized press, who praise the interpretation, characterization, rhythm, atmosphere and the clear tribute to the Hollywood of the years 80.


Anna Todd is a writer spending her days in Austin, Texas, with her husband. She has always been an avid reader and boy band and romance lover, so now that she’s found a way to combine the three she’s enjoying living a real-life dream come true. She now knows what life is like when you get to do what you love. She start as One Direction fanfiction posted to the story sharing website Wattpad.

Imagen relacionada
These are the four books:

1. After
2. After we collided
3. After we fell
4. After ever happy
5. Before

Tessa is a good girl with a sweet, reliable boyfriend back home. She’s got direction, ambition, and a mother who’s intent on keeping her that way. With his tousled brown hair, cocky British accent, tattoos, and lip ring, Hardin is cute and different from what she’s used to. Tessa already has the perfect boyfriend. So why is she trying so hard to overcome her own hurt pride and Hardin’s prejudice about nice girls like her?

These books are very easy to read even if they are not short. Have around 600 sheets but their language makes it read very easily. It seems to me a book suitable for teens because the author wrote these books reflect their experiences of her life in those years. So teenergers may feel identified with the nobles.

                                                                                         A MONSTER CALLS

Imagen relacionada

A Monster Calls is a fantasy drama film directed by J. A. Bayona and written by Patrick Ness, based on his own eponymous novel. It stars Sigourney Weaver, Felicity Jones, Toby Kebbell, Lewis MacDougall and Liam Neeson.

Connor is a young man of 12 years that, after the separation of their parents, becomes the man of the house and the responsible for carrying the reins of home. With his young cancer-stricken mother, the small will try to overcome all their fears and phobias with the help of a monster. Fantasy, fairy tales and stories imaginary of the small will be the faces not only with the reality, but with its cold and calculator grandmother...

With this film Bayona closes the trilogy on the mother-child relations:
3. A monster calls

This has been a film that I liked. Basically because it takes you to feelings, situations that your same have lived, so it is easy to abstract the movie. This is combined with a touch of fiction (the monster) and amazing special effects it uses. But on the contrary if you are one of those people who want to evade their bad situation, I don't recommend yo this movie.

18 December 2016


Hello my readers:

As you will know, November 25 is the day of violence against women. Like recently has been the big day, I decided to make a presentation about it, using the lucidpress application. I have explained a little bit in what the violence against women consist, types of violence, different cases of women... An of course, remembering that the change is in our hands!
I hope you like it.

27 November 2016


Hello guys!!!

Today I want to speak about the 2010 physiology and medicine nobel prize.
I had chosen this category because to me it is the most interesting and beautiful topic, and also because this in particular it was very special for people and a very important advance in medicine.

I will speak about Robert Edwards. Born in 27 September 1925 and died on 10 April 2013, Robert was an English physiologist and pioneer in reproductive medicine, and in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) in particular. Who in 2010, was awarded the Nobel Prize for the development of human in vitro fertilization (IVF) therapy.

Imagen relacionadaAs early as the 1950s, Edwards had the vision that IVF could be useful as a treatment for infertility. He worked systematically to realize his goal, discovered important principles for human fertilization, and succeeded in accomplishing fertilization of human egg cells in test tubes (or more precisely, cell culture dishes). His efforts were finally crowned by success on 25 July, 1978, when the world's first "test tube baby" was born.

His achievements have made it possible to treat infertility, a medical condition afflicting a large proportion of humanity including more than 10% of all couples worldwide. Approximately four million individuals have so far been born following IVF.

Here you have more information bout the human in vitro fertilization:

8 November 2016


Hello my readers!!!

This week I have been experimenting with the application "mind42". The theme I have chosen to do is different genres of movies. Because I think you will find it more interesting than a school theme. But as I said this application is very practical to make summaries of what you have to study at school. And more at the time of the exams.

Here is a Link to my mind map

 And here is a Link to the image of my mind map

24 October 2016


Resultado de imagen de social websites

With the advancement of the Internet, the phenomenon of using social websites in everyday lives has somewhat become not just common but also very active. While some use them for fun, killing time and playing games, there are still those who have realized the true potential and power of social networks.

If you have ever wondered why Social Websites are good or not for our society, here are some answers for you:

Although it is not the most important, the aspect that we have to take into account is that these applications are free.

Basically, social websites are used for communicating with friends, family and with anyone that you want. To share interesting information, events, gossiping… But they can provide many benefits for example for business: to notify people about your new business, for virtual meetings, work on joint projects, collaboration… So this means that you can connect to different people from anywhere in the world very easily.

Social websites are also a great way to meet entirely new people. You can seek out groups that are focused towards your special interests and hobbies and connect with local people that share the same interests.

Companies, artists, and musicians can reach an impossibly large and diverse amount of people using social media sites. This allows them to promote and market themselves and their products in a way that has never been seen before.

But like all things also they have some disadvantages. Just like stated above, anything can spread to millions of people within hours or days on social media. This also, unfortunately, includes things that are false or made up.

Besides, social websites start new relationships, but also end many others because it takes confidence to the limit.
Resultado de imagen de social websites
Having access to people’s lives at all times is not always a good thing. Due to the fact people can lie to you about the identity, the aspect... and be very cruel! In many cases people make cyberbullying, which consists on bullying that takes place using electronic technology. Electronic technology includes devices and equipment such as cell phones, computers, and tablets as well as communication tools including social media sites, text messages, chat, and websites.

One of the biggest problems with the social media craze is that people are becoming more and more addicted to using it. It is the number one time waster at work, in school, and at home.

To finish, we have to be consistent that a traditional friend and a friend of social website are very different, because you don’t know what the person is like, only the mask that it shows. You don’t have much confidence with her/him, only you talk about nice things and with the computer, not face to face. You never know what you can find on the other side of the screen so be careful!!
In conclusion, I think that social websites are very useful and comfortable but like everything, we have to use them carefully and being aware of what we do at all times. Thereby, we will not have any displeasure.

8 October 2016

Travelling in Europe or around the world.

Hi my readers:

As I said in the welcome message, one of the topics that I probably would speak about was “Travelling in Europe or around the world.” So, this is the topic that I’m going to deal with today! Before I start I want you to know that the places that I have visited are few but the places that I want to visit are a lot due to several reasons. I’m going to talk always from my point of view giving my opinion about the topic. I hope you like it!

One of the places that I visited last christmas was Paris. I think that there are few people who haven't visited this beautiful city but I’m going to tell you where is located and the main characteristics of the “city of love”.


Resultado de imagen de paris location map
Paris is the capital and the most populous city of France. It has an area of 105 square kilometres (41 square miles) and a population of 2,229,621 within the city limits.

Concerning climate Paris has a typical Western European oceanic climate which is affected by the North Atlantic Current. The overall climate throughout the year is mild and moderately wet. Summer days are usually warm and pleasant with average temperatures hovering between 15 and 25 °C (59 and 77 °F) and in winter, sunshine is scarce; days are cool, nights cold but generally above freezing with low temperatures around 3 °C (37 °F). The precipitations are high.
Resultado de imagen de paris

I think that Paris itself is very nice and is a very known city because of fashion, tourism, and of course due to the number of Monuments and attractions that it has. The most famous ones are: The eiffel tower, Notre-dame, Arc de triomphe, Palais du Louvre, Sacré-Coeur, Panthéon, Opéra Garnier, Les Invalides, Palais du Luxembourg, … and I promise that they are amazing.

If you go in winter you will have the opportunity to see the decorated shop windows which are spectacular and the variety of markets that they always put on Christmas. If you do not have much time the best way to see Paris is taking a tourist bus near the Arc de triomphe for example, that's where I picked it. It costs more or less from 7 to 12€ and is usually a journey of about two hours in which you will see the buildings that I have mentioned before. In conclusion I must say that Paris is one of the cities that you have to visit if you are interested in culture, historic buildings, fashion, museums or only for a holiday. And of course you can’t go to Paris without eating the delicious croissants!

Resultado de imagen de christmas markets parisResultado de imagen de christmas shop windows in paris

Resultado de imagen de croissants de paris

Resultado de imagen de san sebastian puente zurriola


On the contrary if you are someone who has already been in this amazing city, and if you liked Paris you have the opportunity to visit another town with similar architectural style, 
San sebastian is the city that resembles Paris by its French buildings. San Sebastian is a city and municipality located in northern Spain, on the coast of the Bay of Biscay and 20 kilometers from the border with France. The city is the capital of the province of Gipuzkoa, in the autonomous community of the Basque Country.

Therefore if you are from another country and you don’t know San Sebastian I encourage you to go!


Now I am going to talk about a place I would like to visit. This place is……….. Thailand, Bangkok!

Situated in Southeast Asia, Thailand, Bangkok has a tropical savanna climate under the Köppen climate classification and is under the influence of the South Asian monsoon system. It experiences three seasons, hot, rainy and cool, although temperatures are fairly hot year-round, ranging from an average low of 22.0 °C (71.6 °F) in December to an average high of 35.4 °C (95.7 °F) in April.

Thailand from my point of view is a perfect site for all type of people. It is a favorite destination for backpackers, but also "five star" tourists. For those who want to enjoy the beach and those who prefer adventure in the mountain. For the lovers of the hustle and bustle of the city and those who need a moment of relaxation. For those who love food…

These are some of the reasons:

Temples: Its architecture is an explosion of bright colors that combines the bread of Gold, shining figures of Chinese porcelain, mythological animals, lush vegetation, warriors and sacred images of Buddha.

The food is delicious: The combination of spices and new flavors catches you. Sweet, bitter, spicy, acid and salty come together in the same dish. You can enjoy the Thai specialties at street stands for a few bats or in luxury restaurants.

Besides Bangkok night hosts many cultural events: theater, concert, festivals ...

There are very beautiful landscapes : At the National Park of Khao Sok  yo can do trip by canoe along the river and also you can live a unique experience and lead to its impressive valleys on the backs of an elephant.

Resultado de imagen de tailandia
There is nothing as to rest for a few days in a beach of crystalline turquoise blue waters and surrounded by palm trees. The island of Phuket is a reference point for tourists in Thailand. Long white sand beaches bathed by the warm Andaman Sea and the entertainment that the traveller could want.

I hope this blog will help you to decide where to travel or what to visit in these sites.

Here you have more information about Paris, San Sebastian and Thailand.
See you soon!!!

You can comment about what you want me to speak in the next blog.

23 September 2016

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Maialen and I´m a student of DBH 4. It is the first time that I create a blog so I'm new in this world but I will try to do my best. I'm a girl who loves dancing, especially ballet and also everything related with music. So basically I think that I'll speak about these topics and others that I like and I think are interesting for example: nature, environment, ecology..., Travelling in Europe or around the world, Cultural differences in the world, Refugees and immigrants...

I hope that everyone who’ll follow this blog will enjoy & have lots of learning.

I am sure everyone of you can get lots of things in this blog.

Thank you!!